Wayne Scherer, San Diego Artist

Wayne Scherer is a San Diego artist who has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Central and South America, parts of West Africa, and numerous Caribbean islands.

During his life as a artist, he has developed and refined a unique style of capturing the world around him through as many mediums as time has allowed.

Wayne taps into his own spiritual creativity to bring to light his landscapes, dreamscapes and portraits of everyday life.

His mastery in watercolor, acrylic, oil, graphite, colored pencil and pastels allows the use of each medium to be carefully chosen for each particular piece.

The imaginative techniques the artist employs allow the art patron to travel into the world of Wayne Scherer and feel the life beat of each culture.

South American, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean spring to life under the careful touch of an artist who, at the time of his induction, was the youngest member ever to be invited to join the prestigious La Jolla Art Association.

Now dividing his time between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas on the Baja California Peninsula, and Point Loma in San Diego, Wayne also works in three-dimensional art in wood, coral, and clay.

Most of his works are in the 18" x 24" range and none are more than 24" x 36"

Wayne Scherer Collections

The African Period

Agora by Wayne SchererThe African Period was inspired by Wayne's travels aboard a fishing boat off the west coast of Africa.

Wayne's first job was working aboard a fishing boat out of San Diego.

His journey took him through the Panama Canal and across the Atlantic to Africa where he spent long months fishing along the West African coastline.

The work was hard but Wayne had the chance to go into the nearby villages and communities while his boat docked for re-supplies.

While in Africa, Wayne was astonished by the vitality of the African people and was eventually able to capture this magic in numerous mediums.

From the wild passions of Agora to the tranquility of Two Queens, Wayne's African Period spans the wide river of emotions found on the "Mysterious Continent."

The Central and South American Period

Shore Boat by Wayne SchererAfter two years of working on the fishing boat, Wayne had enough savings to take off and travel throughout Central and South America.

He started in Honduras and worked his way down to the southern countries in South America.

The cultural diversity Wayne found in Central and South America became a focal point for his inspiration.

What he discovered was all cultures have beauty if they are observed with a passion for life.

Wayne took his own passion and distilled it into the colors and plays of light in his oils, pastels, charcoals and acrylics.

In the Central and South American period, you'll find quaint villages, a lonely fishermen, a Colombian house beside a river and a sad, beautiful woman attending her private function.

The Caribbean Period

Pastel Couple by Wayne SchererWhile Wayne continued to create his masterpieces, his job as a ship's captain allowed him to find new ports of call where he could immerse himself in the local culture.

It was inevitable that he would eventually be captivated by the energy of the Caribbean.

In this series of work, Wayne's art brings us so close to the feelings of the people depicted, we almost seem like we are crowding into their moment of time.

You can feel the tropical heat and sense the urgency as the Pastel Couple focuses on something happening nearby. 


Wayne Sherer Art Collection